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SeaView Mobile Image-The Power of SeaView at your Fingertips

SeaView MOBILE© is available for both Android & Apple phone & tablet users

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"Great service! SeaView makes a really big ocean much smaller. I wouldn't go out on the water without it"
-Rick Sullivan, F/V Wet n' Wild

"This SV3 is Awesome!", "I'm really impressed with the overlay & enhancement capability"
-F/V 7 Daughters

"Addicted to SeaView!" -F/V Amy Usen

"SeaView's accurate and reliable imagery updated multiple times per day helped us stay on the water that was holding the fish. We would not have done half as well in the tournament if we didn't have SeaView"
-Pete Groesbeck on C-Bandit










SeaView Fishing by Ocean Imaging- Satellite, Oceanographic & Weather Data

Serving the marine fishing community since 1984, Ocean Imaging's worldwide fish finding service has provided commercial fishers and anglers with the most accurate and reliable satellite and model-derived data products, saving fuel, time and money to better plan and manage their time on the water. Our time-tested SeaView PRO© commercial and SeaView Sport© desktop applications bring state-of-art oceanographic and weather data straight to your home, office or boat computer. Today, with our newly developed SeaView© Mobile app you can browse, download and view the latest ocean data faster than any other service—right at your fingertips!

SeaView Fishing Service Comparison TableSeaView Pro, Sport & Mobile Data Comparison Chart

Our proven fisheries support expertise, timely, pinpoint accuracy data products along with the powerful SeaView software make us the leader in fisheries support world-wide. No other service offers the variety of oceanographic and weather data products, updated up to 4-12 times per day combined with the functionality of SeaView© - all for a very affordable price! SeaView© can be customized for your strategic needs and regions of coverage.

Whether you are a commercial fishing operation in need of a reliable, accurate oceanographic tool-kit or serious recreational angler looking for the best environmental information, Ocean Imaging's SeaView© software and service is the one to trust.  We know that Real Data = Reel Result$ and the difference between static images downloaded from a website and the interactive, fish-finding power you get with near real-time data from SeaView.