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The most accurate oceanographic and weather data products service. Updated up to 4-10 times per day depending on region

F/V Wet n' Wild:
"Great service! SeaView makes a really big ocean much smaller"

Pete Groesbeck on C-Bandit:

"SeaView's accurate and reliable imagery updated multiple times per day helped us stay on the water that was holding the fish.  We would not have done half as well in the tournament if we didn't have SeaView"
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F/V Jan-Lin:

"We were bucking the current and wind for quite a while until we looked at the current map in SeaView© and tacked about 50 miles straight west. We got into a northwest current and probably cut our travel time in half. I'm your biggest promoter now!"

Colby Durnin on Joint Venture:

"Fishing in the 2010 Avalon Tuna Club Ensenada Tournament, we were the ONLY boat to catch fish in the ENTIRE tournament. Being able to pick up water movements in real-time allows us to cover hundreds of miles of water before our trip and during the tournament."
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Colin McCaffery of Team Malta da Kianda:

"Based on hotspots we identified in SeaView, we fished the second day ony, three miles from the shore when all the bigger boats were travelling 60-70 miles out to fish. We hit a huge feeding frenzy of Blue Marlin & Sailfish, which took us straight to 2nd Place in the competition, a position we held to the finish three days later..."
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F/V Amy Usen:

"Addicted to SV3!"

F/V Diane Susan:

"You can spend a lot of time 'tripping' on the mind that dreamed up the programming of the SeaView© V3 software-AWESOME!!"

F/V 7 Daughters:

"This SV3 is Awesome!", "I'm really impressed with the enhancement capability"

F/V Day Star:

"I like the SST patterns, all the converging currents, latitude, etc….Seems somewhere around will collect fish. Maybe in the narrow but concentrated zone shown on the SV3 image…..I really like the new SeaViewV3 program and now that we are on fish, we can learn even faster!"


SeaView Fishing Services - FIND FISH FROM SPACE!!!

Welcome to the best in the latest generation of satellite fishing services. Since 1983 Ocean Imaging's worldwide fish finding services have provided customers with ready-to-use analysis products, saving them fuel, time and money while helping better manage their operation. Our time-tested SeaView SPORT© and SeaView PRO© commercial services bring state-of-art oceanographic and weather data straight to your home, office or boat PC. This affordable service is now used with great success by fishing fleets and scientists worldwide.

To find fish from space we utilize only the most sophisticated and high-resolution satellite data processed minutes after acquisition. Our powerful SeaView© software then lets you combine the very latest oceanographic data such as SST, plankton levels, ocean currents, sea surface height, ocean currents and weather information with your fishing expertise to make better decisions while at sea. We also offer high-quality data composite and cloud-free imagery to virtually eliminate the problem of cloud cover - that means you are never without the latest information.

Our vast fisheries support expertise, timely, pinpoint accuracy image products and the powerful SeaView software make us the leader in fisheries support world-wide. No other service offers the variety of oceanographic and weather data products, updated up to 4-10 times per day combined with the functionality of SeaView© - all for a very affordable price! Whether you are a serious recreational angler looking for the best environmental information, or a commercial fishing operation in need of a reliable, accurate oceanographic tool-kit, Ocean Imaging's fishing support services are the right choice. Take a look at our pages describing the SeaView© software, our SeaView Sport© and SeaView Pro© Commercial services.