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Steve Lassley of Team Bad Company 55 - 1st Place Bisbee's Black & Blue 2006


Pete Groesbeck of Titan Marine on "C-Bandit" - Top Money Winner Bisbee's Black & Blue 2010:
"SeaView's accurate and reliable imagery updated multiple times per day helped us stay on the water that was holding the fish.  We would not have done half as well in the tournament if we didn't have SeaView"
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Colin McCaffery of Team Malta da Kianda - 2nd Place in the Lobito Big Game Tournament 2010:
"Based on hotspots we identified in SeaView, we fished the second day ony, three miles from the shore when all the bigger boats were travelling 60-70 miles out to fish. We hit a huge feeding frenzy of Blue Marlin & Sailfish, which took us straight to 2nd Place in the competition, a position we held to the finish three days later..."
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Colby Durnin, Top Angler on "Joint Venture" - Ensenada Tournament 2010
"Fishing in the 2010 Avalon Tuna Club Ensenada Tournament, we were the ONLY boat to catch fish in the ENTIRE tournament. Being able to pick up water movements in real-time allows us to cover hundreds of miles of water before our trip and during the tournament."
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Warren Gunter & Crew on "xJewel Lure" - Pesky's Tournament 2010:
"Trying extra hard in such a slow year we relied on SeaView data to find a promising spot of water just North of the 43. On top of some reports from the week before, we found the bait and the water conditions we were looking for. We caught two fish that day and had another strike. On the way home the next morning just outside the zone we had another marlin on for a short while. All this action in the worst year in SoCal marlin history! Thanks Ocean Imaging."
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SeaView SPORT©: The competitive advantage.


Data Overlay Capability in SeaView Software
Display several types of oceanographic and/or weather information simultaneously (either side-by-side or as contour overlays) to compare data types or conditions from one day to another. Load boat position, lat/long grid, ocean current arrows, ocean surface winds, weather contours, Plankton, SST & SSH contour lines, and bathymetry over any image or base map. Cursor driven latitude/longitude position detection of any image feature with zoom-in and custom image enhancement capability.

SST Single Satellite Overpass
Resolution: .75 - 2.5 km Highest accuracy and resolution SST products delivered worldwide faster than anyone!
Updates: Up to 10x / day!
SST Composite
Resolution: 2 - 4 km Cloud-filtered 1-day, 3-day and 8-day SST composites.
Updates: 1x / day
SST Microwave
Resolution: 4 -10 km Always-cloud-free SSTM imagery. These images are invaluable during periods of heavy cloud cover.
Updates: 1x / day
Resolution: .75 - 2.5 km The highest detail and accuracy ocean plankton data (Chlorophyll) imagery available.
Updates: 1 - 2x / day
Plankton Composite
Resolution: 1 - 2.5 km The highest accuracy 5-day and 10-day ocean plankton composite imagery to help reduce cloud cover problems.
Updates: 1x / day
Ocean Currents: Speed & Direction
Resolution: 500 m - 10 km Three types of ocean surface currents available for overlay on top of any oceanographic, weather or base map image.
Updates: 1 - 4x/ day
Resolution: 100 fathoms High detail ocean bottom topography worldwide.
Sea Surface Height Anomaly
Resolution: 4 km Locate oceanographic convergence zones in all cloud cover and weather conditions with SSH imagery.
Updates: 1x / day
Subsurface Temperature
Resolution: 4 km 50m, 100m and 200m subsurface ocean temperature imagery.
Updates: 1x / day
Symbols, Navigation Markers & GPS with Tracklines
GPS (NEMA-183) interface for vessel positioning & tracking display on imagery. Tracklines can be saved and re-loaded over any image.

User defined symbols (fish, boats, custom symbols), navigation markers and template overlays allow marking of high-points, fish & map locations, survey sites or ship tracks.