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F/V Jan-Lin:
"We were bucking the current and wind for quite a while until we looked at the current map in SeaView© and tacked about 50 miles straight west. We got into a northwest current and probably cut our travel time in half. I'm your biggest promoter now!"

F/V Amy Usen:

"Addicted to SV3!"

F/V Diane Susan:

"You can spend a lot of time 'tripping' on the mind that dreamed up the programming of the SeaView© V3 software-AWESOME!!"

F/V 7 Daughters:

"This SV3 is Awesome!", "I'm really impressed with the enhancement capability"

F/V Day Star:

"I like the SST patterns, all the converging currents, latitude, etc….Seems somewhere around will collect fish. Maybe in the narrow but concentrated zone shown on the SV3 image…..I really like the new SeaViewV3 program and now that we are on fish, we can learn even faster!"

SeaView PRO©: The data you need, when you need it.



Data Overlay Capability in SeaView Software
Display several types of oceanographic and/or weather information simultaneously (either side-by-side or as contour overlays) to compare data types or conditions from one day to another. Load boat position, lat/long grid, ocean current arrows, ocean surface winds, weather contours, Plankton, SST & SSH contour lines, and bathymetry over any image or base map. Cursor driven latitude/longitude position detection of any image feature with zoom-in and custom image enhancement capability.

SST Single Satellite Overpass
Resolution: .75 - 2.5 km Highest accuracy and resolution SST products delivered worldwide faster than anyone!
Updates: Up to
10x /day!
SST Composite
Resolution: 2 - 4 km Cloud-filtered 1-day, 3-day and 8-day SST composites.
Updates: 1x / day
SST Microwave
Resolution: 4 - 10 km Always-cloud-free SSTM imagery. These images are invaluable during periods of heavy cloud cover.
Updates: 1x / day
Resolution: .75 - 2.5 km The highest detail and accuracy ocean plankton data (Chlorophyll) imagery available.
Updates: 1 - 2x / day
Plankton Composite
Resolution: 1 - 2.5 km The highest accuracy 5-day and 10-day ocean plankton composite imagery to help reduce cloud cover problems.
Updates: 1x / day
Ocean Currents: Speed & Direction
Resolution: 500m - 10km Three types of ocean surface currents available for overlay on top of any oceanographic, weather or base map image.
Updates: 1 - 4x / day
Resolution: 100 fathoms High detail ocean bottom topography worldwide.
Sea Surface Height Anomaly
Resolution: 4 km Locate oceanographic convergence zones in all cloud cover and weather conditions with SSH imagery.
Updates: 1x / day
Subsurface Temperature
Resolution: 4 km 50m, 100m and 200m subsurface ocean temperature imagery.
Updates: 1x / day
Symbols, Navigation Markers & GPS with Tracklines
GPS (NEMA-183) interface for vessel positioning & tracking display on imagery. Tracklines can be saved and re-loaded over any image.

User defined symbols (fish, boats, custom symbols), navigation markers and template overlays allow marking of high-points, fish & map locations, survey sites or ship tracks.