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Fransisco 'Xico' Ilunga de Almeida (Angolan, Commodore/Boat Owner, right back of picture), Jan Schmidt (German, Skipper, left back of picture), Colin McCaffery (Scottish, Crew Member/Fisherman, centre back of picture), Sacha Ilunga de Almeida (Angolan (Xico's son), Crew Member/Fisherman, front right of picture) and Julio Gomes (Portuguese, Crew Member/Cameraman).

Team Malta da Kianda have been fishing the Big Game Tournaments in Angola for about 3 years. Two years ago crew member Colin McCaffery, a Scotsman who has fished the waters of the North Sea and South Asia all his life, decided to invest in SeaView's SPORT Fishing service. With one of the smallest boats in the sport fishing fleet in Angola, they soon established their mark by placing in the top ten for some of the biggest IGFA governed competitions. The culmination of their success to date was second place in one of the biggest competitions in Africa every year, The Lobito Big Game Fishing Tournament, in March 2010. Using SeaView's satellite images, they fished the second day only three miles from the shore, when all the bigger boats were travelling out 60 to 70 miles. This was based on some of the hotspots identified by SeaView, and they hit a huge feeding frenzy of blue marlin and sailfish. This moment took them straight to second place in the competition - a position they then held to the finish of the tournament 3 days later...



Angler Jeff Clary
Skipper/boat owner Warren A. Gunter
Leaderman Warren K.(Jr.) Gunter 
Crew Arnie Robles

"We won the Pesky's Tournament for the second straight year. Ocean Imaging was a big part of our success in such a slow local marlin year. Trying extra hard  in such a slow year we relied on SeaView data to find a promising spot of water just North of the 43.

On top of some reports from the week before we found the bait and the water conditions we were looking for. We caught two fish that day and had another strike. On the way home the next morning just outside the zone we had another marlin on for a short while. All this action in the worst year in So. Cal. marlin history! Thanks Ocean Imaging."

- Warren Gunter, Captain on the xJewelLure



"SeaView's accurate and reliable imagery updated multiple times per day helped us stay on the water that was holding the fish. We would not have done half as well in the tournament if we didn't have SeaView."

- Pete Grosbeck, Captain on C-Bandit


Chris Torre
Colby Durnin
Curtis Woolsey
Miles Howe
Ron Howarth

Joint Venture Top Team:
Colby Durnin  Top Angler
Chris Torre 2nd Place Angler
Colby Durnin Top Linen Angler
Ron Howarth Top Guest Angler
Miles Howe First Fish

Fishing in the 2010 Avalon Tuna Club Ensenada Tournament we were the only boat to catch fish in the entire tournament. We took a gamble that paid off when we saw that all of the waters between Ensenada and San Diego were green and turbulent. We located a 3 mile by 3 mile patch of blue water that was two degrees warmer and pushing current from the south, we swept all of the awards with seven yellowtail.  Had we not had SeaView we would not have know about this patch of water as it was roughly 100 miles south of the fleet. Being able to pick up water movements in real time allows us to cover hundreds of miles of water before our trip and during the tournament.

Colby Durnin
Owner “Joint Venture”