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Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper

Team Go Deeper


Team Go Deeper

Go Deeper Team

Congratulations, once again, to SeaView Charter Partner Sea Fever Sportfishing and the Go Deeper team on another Los Cabos Offshore Bisbee's Fishing Tournament win! The 2016 prize increases their number of major tournament wins to 16. We are very proud to support Sea Fever Fishing and the Go Deeper team. Great job!

Portugal Marlin Tournament Winners
SeaView Subscriber Fernando Duarte, Captain & crew celebrate their win in the
2016 Tavira Offshore Classic Marlin Cup in Algarve, South Portugal

"I am a long time subscriber of Seaview for my usual area of fishing off of Angola. I have been using Seaview for years now as one of the tools to find the initial location of the fish or as I usually call it "where to start looking for fish". Billfish fishing season in Angola is very long and the atmospheric conditions are regularly cloudy therefore it's difficult to get a clear image of chlorophyll, so I usually start monitoring the oceanographic and satellite data weeks ahead of a competition to try and understand trends. This year I decided to fish in the Tavira Offshore Classic Marlin Cup, one of the oldest and most prestigious Billfish competitions in Algarve, South Portugal.

I sent a message to Mark Hess of SeaView Fishing asking for a temporary area change to cover the specific area of South Algarve. Mark had coverage of Morocco region and agreed to extend it a bit north to get the coverage I needed. Two weeks before the competition I started analyzing, crossing it with the fishing charts and sending the analysis reports to my friend in Algarve, Bruno Sares. By the end of the day he would tell me if the analysis was correct by checking the reports from the boats that fished during those days what allowed me to fine-tune the analysis for the local specific conditions. Two days of pre-competition fishing with Albatroz Capt. Dr. Carlos Gloria allowed us to pinpoint 2 of 3 areas that seemed more productive.

On day one of the tournament, half the fleet went deep offshore to a well-known fishing spot "Picos Hermineos", while we stayed in just inside the ledge. Near us were just two other boats and we got the lead with 11 White Marlins released within a small two-mile area. On the second day, with all the fleet around us it was just a question of controlling the distance obtained on the first day and we ended up winning the tournament!

There is no doubt that analyzing the Seaview data made available by Mark and SeaView weeks before the competition and during the tournament had a huge impact on the final result, as it enabled us to have a clear idea of an area that was completely new for us, since it was our first time in Portuguese waters and gave us a perspective of where the fish was. Many thanks to all of the team at SeaView Fishing!"                            --Sr. Fernando Duarte


Congratulations to SeaView subscribers and SeaView Charter Partners Sea Fever Sportfishing for catching the first place tuna in the 2015 Los Cabos Offshore Bisbee's Tournament. "We are a true believer in SeaView Fishing services. With over 15 major tournaments won, and the highest hook up ratio in Cabo we could not be without SeaView", says Captain Edward Araujo owner of Sea Fever Sportfishing and Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing. Great job Captain!



Article by BD OUTDOORS. Author:: BD STAFF October 16, 2014

As a fisherman, one must always be ready for what the ocean presents, because you never really know what you will find on any given day. I think that is part of why it is so deeply satisfying to set a goal, target a fish and then succeed with your plan.

This would be the case for the crew of the Bad Company XL led by Capt. Steve Lassley on a recent trip out of Newport Beach, CA. They had been hearing about sightings and encounters with blue marlin, a species very rarely seen in SoCal waters, and had set their goal to go try and catch one.

steve lassley

The Bad Company XL is owned by Anthony Hsieh and Capt. Lassely said that he loves to chase swordfish. So their plan was to break out the 130's and put out the marlin spread while looking for finning swordfish.

Blue marlin may not frequent these waters, but the crew is no stranger to blue marlin.

“We have caught many blues in Hawaii and Mexico, but never in my lifetime have I caught one here at home” said Capt. Lassley. “There have been a few reports of blue marlin in the last month, some of which I trust based on the experience of the crews.” He went on, “There have also been some really nice striped marlin that have been touted as blues, but they are still nice fish.”

The fishing in SoCal waters has been epic and exotic this year to say the least. Unusually warm water has pushed up the coast and the tuna, dorado, wahoo and marlin have followed. Many of these “exotics” have been caught in places they should not be.

Capt. Lassley said, “We studied the SST charts and the recent reports and chose an area halfway between Catalina and San Clemente Islands. I found a little spot of puddling tuna and as we worked the area, the blue hit. With Anthony Hsieh on the 130 Penn, and my crew of experienced deck hands, we landed the blue in about 18 minutes.

It was a very special fish for us as we had gathered together old friends with whom to share this rare adventure. I even got to take my good friend Peter Groesbeck whom I had fished with for many years. It really was a special time for our whole team; Anthony, Ron, Pete, Eliseo and myself.”

The fish was brought into Avalon and weighed out at 462-pounds. A fine catch anywhere, but incredible when you factor in the location. Capt. Lassley said,

“I may be wrong, but to my knowledge, this is the first blue marlin weighed in here in about 83 years."

"We also caught a couple striped marlin and saw a swordfish that same day, so I guess we had a glimpse of a possible slam, which is crazy for here.”

Congrats to Capt. Lassley, Anthony Hsieh, and the crew of the Bad Company. Stay tuned because they are gearing up for another trip and Capt. Lassley will follow up with an article on BD.

More BD Articles from Capt. Steve Lassley




Here's the story as written by:

Three big blue marlin dominated the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic leaderboard this week as the 2014 event drew to a close. But in the end, it was the first one weighed that earned the biggest prize.

Angler Deb Hebert, fishing aboard Joe Hudson’s 68 Hatteras Iona Louise, landed a 843.7-pound blue marlin on Friday after a fight lasting more than three hours. It turned out to be the largest marlin ever caught by a lady angler in Classic history and earned Hebert the Lady Angler trophy. She also brought in a 38.6-pound dolphin on Saturday. All told, the Iona Louise pocketed $195,000 for the first place tournament award and optional entries in the blue marlin division, top crew award and third place for the dolphin. Iona Louise will represent the MGCBC in next year’s Offshore World Championship.


SeaView SPORT customer Vidas Morkunas scores a 535# Black Marlin
after just two days out of the gate with SeaView!!

Vidas writes: "Dear Mark, thank you very much for [your] document and a ”few seconds” lesson yesterday how to use your product. Today with small isolated temperature area and plankton curve I caught Black marlin of 535lbs! (Other boats from club only bonito and few dorado’s!). I am very happy with my first experience of Seaview."


Sea Ya 2012

Sea Ya Fish
Wayne Waldron and Team Sea Ya!
Largest Fish Prize in the Oregon Tuna Classic - August 2012

After Friday’s results were released it became apparent that despite the weather the Oregon Food Bank was the real winner! Taking the Big Fish Pot sponsored by Westlie Ford was “Sea Ya” with a 30.30 pound albacore tuna.

Congratulations to SeaView PRO customer Wayne Waldron!!!


Congratulations to SeaView SPORT customer CG Miller!!! CG and TEAM RUCKUS took first place (and $15k!) in the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club's "OPEN MAKO SHARK TOURNAMENT" July 2012.

June 2012 Top Dolphin
: Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic. Joe Hudson / Iona Louise (60' Bertram) caught a 53.2LB dolphinfish netting a $69,330 win!!

Mobile Big Game Fishing Club's Labor Day Invitational - 1st Place Results: Joe Hudson / Iona Louise (60' Bertram) was the only boat to catch a marlin - a 537LB blue marlin!



Fransisco 'Xico' Ilunga de Almeida (Angolan, Commodore/Boat Owner, right back of picture), Jan Schmidt (German, Skipper, left back of picture), Colin McCaffery (Scottish, Crew Member/Fisherman, centre back of picture), Sacha Ilunga de Almeida (Angolan (Xico's son), Crew Member/Fisherman, front right of picture) and Julio Gomes (Portuguese, Crew Member/Cameraman).

Team Malta da Kianda have been fishing the Big Game Tournaments in Angola for about 3 years. Two years ago crew member Colin McCaffery, a Scotsman who has fished the waters of the North Sea and South Asia all his life, decided to invest in SeaView's SPORT Fishing service. With one of the smallest boats in the sport fishing fleet in Angola, they soon established their mark by placing in the top ten for some of the biggest IGFA governed competitions. The culmination of their success to date was second place in one of the biggest competitions in Africa every year, The Lobito Big Game Fishing Tournament, in March 2010. Using SeaView's satellite images, they fished the second day only three miles from the shore, when all the bigger boats were travelling out 60 to 70 miles. This was based on some of the hotspots identified by SeaView, and they hit a huge feeding frenzy of blue marlin and sailfish. This moment took them straight to second place in the competition - a position they then held to the finish of the tournament 3 days later...

Angler Jeff Clary
Skipper/boat owner Warren A. Gunter
Leaderman Warren K.(Jr.) Gunter 
Crew Arnie Robles

"We won the Pesky's Tournament for the second straight year. Ocean Imaging was a big part of our success in such a slow local marlin year. Trying extra hard  in such a slow year we relied on SeaView data to find a promising spot of water just North of the 43.

On top of some reports from the week before we found the bait and the water conditions we were looking for. We caught two fish that day and had another strike. On the way home the next morning just outside the zone we had another marlin on for a short while. All this action in the worst year in So. Cal. marlin history! Thanks Ocean Imaging."

- Warren Gunter, Captain on the xJewelLure

Team C-Bandit

On the first day of the tournament, C-Bandit was in the right place at the right time. A 549 pound black marlin ate a ten-pound yellowfin tuna!

"SeaView's accurate and reliable imagery updated multiple times per day helped us stay on the water that was holding the fish. We would not have done half as well in the tournament if we didn't have SeaView."

Pete Grosbeck, Captain - C-Bandit

Fishing in the 2010 Avalon Tuna Club Ensenada Tournament we were the only boat to catch fish in the entire tournament. We took a gamble that paid off when we saw that all of the waters between Ensenada and San Diego were green and turbulent. We located a 3 mile by 3 mile patch of blue water that was two degrees warmer and pushing current from the south, we swept all of the awards with seven yellowtail.  Had we not had SeaView we would not have know about this patch of water as it was roughly 100 miles south of the fleet. Being able to pick up water movements in real time allows us to cover hundreds of miles of water before our trip and during the tournament.

Colby Durnin, Owner - Joint Venture

Chris Torre
Colby Durnin
Curtis Woolsey
Miles Howe
Ron Howarth

Joint Venture Top Team:
Colby Durnin  Top Angler
Chris Torre 2nd Place Angler
Colby Durnin Top Linen Angler
Ron Howarth Top Guest Angler
Miles Howe First Fish

The 26th annual 2006 Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, October 24-28, 2006, shattered its own 2005 payout world record of $3.3 million by hitting $4,165,960 in total prize money. In 2006 the Black & Blue had its biggest overall cash payout of $4,165,960. This was, and remains, the largest payout in sportfishing history.

On day one of fishing, the radio was busy all day with teams releasing over 80 billfish. At the end of the day, it was angler Randy Parker of Kona, Hawaii onboard the 55 foot Hatteras, Bad Company 55, that captured the day's only qualifying blue marlin weighing in at 361 pounds.

Day two saw two qualifying fish. First to the scale was a 301 pound blue marlin onboard the 61 foot Viking Yacht, Retriever, with Cabo local Tony Araiza as the angler. The second blue weighed in at 422 pounds, incredibly from the Bad Company 55 once again.

Steve and Team Bad Company have been proud members of the SeaView team for over ten years. Steve knows the difference between static images downloaded from a web site and the interactive, fish-finding power you get with near real-time data from SeaView. He doesn't worry about lack of data on cloudy days. SeaView's composite SST and plankton imagery will get you accurate information even during periods of overcast. Using cloudy, low quality or outdated oceanographic information will cost you fuel, travel time and frustration. Using SeaView can help you avoid these hassles and get you in the right place at the right time… maybe even for the big jackpot!!