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SeaView© Installation Instructions

The current SeaView software version is 3.5.2 released in 2015.
Prior version 3.4.2 was released in 2010.

What's NEW in v3.5.2?

The PDF manual built into SeaView (available via "Help / SeaView Help") has been updated to cover instructions for the new tools in v3.5. Here's a summary of the major upgrades:

       "Floating Color Legend"
SeaView v.3.5 now provides a floating color legend so you can see the color scale of the active image window. The legend allows you to visualize the range of shades or colors assigned to the data values in the active image window. The tool bar button allows you to toggle this feature on and off. The default setting is for the color legend window to be visible. The legend will show the range of values for the image window you last clicked in. For example if you have an SST image displayed, click in that image window and the legend will show the temperature range between the colors of the image as it is presently enhanced.

      "SeaView "Data Merge"
SeaView's Data Merge function allows you to better analyze the different oceanographic data types for the same image area. This tool lets you set the ranges of different data values such as SST, Chlorophyll (plankton), sea surface height, salinity, mixed layer depth and/or subsurface temperature and have SeaView highlight with hash marks where these data value ranges overlap or "merge." This will help visualize where a certain combination of oceanographic conditions exist within your image area.

      "Link Cursor" Tool
This tool allows you to link two displayed image windows in which the cursor in the image set as the "Secondary Image" will exactly follow the location of the image in the window set as the "Primary Image." The Secondary Image will also match the zoom level of the Primary Image as well as pan in the same direction as the Primary Image if the Pan Tool is used. In addition, any symbol or data overlay such at ocean current arrows, SST contour lines, wind barbs, weather contour lines, etc. which are overlaid onto the Primary Image can be automatically overlaid on the Secondary Image. It is important to note that the Primary and Secondary images MUST be of the exact same image area.

         "Line Drawing" Tool
The Line Draw Tool allows you to either load a pre-made graphical line (available for download via the SeaView Data Download window) or a line you design as an overlay to any displayed image. For example SeaView has available many Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) zone boundary lines which can be displayed as an overlay using this tool. A variety of boundary type lines will be available from Ocean Imaging for use in SeaView. If you can't find a line you need for your operations, please contact Ocean Imaging and we'll make it for you!

Hi-Resolution bathymetry:
Another powerful SeaView feature is the ability to display bathymetry (ocean floor topography or ocean depth) data over an image. SeaView contains a large database of data which can be used to generate a bathymetry overlay for most areas. SeaView version 3.5 now uses one of the latest, most accurate and high resolution databases available.

The current SeaView software release is version 3.5.2. If you need to download an upgrade, click here.


SeaView V3.4 & V3.5.2 will overwrite previously installed versions of SeaView V3.2 & 3.3, but will "uninstall" V3.0 and perform a fresh installation of V3.4.

All Images or data files downloaded via prior versions of SeaView© will remain on your computer.


SeaView© for MAC (current version 3.4.2) is available for download NOW!!
v3.5 for MAC will be released in Spring 2016