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Unlocking the SeaView Software and Activating Your Account for Data Access

Once the installation is finished, only the demo version of SeaView will be active until your SeaView software is "unlocked." SeaView will need to be "unlocked" in order to use the program other than in "demo mode" (i.e. to download data for your specific Region).

Note: If you intend to install SeaView on two computers (such as a laptop and your home computer), you may want to complete installation on both devices up to the point of registration-code generation, so that Ocean Imaging may provide you with unlock codes for each computer during a single phone call or email.

To obtain an unlock code and data access:
You will have to have to either call or email Ocean Imaging with your 16-digit code in order to obtain an unlocking code and an assigned username for data-access.

A "Welcome" window will appear indicating SeaView is operating in "Demo Mode."
Click on the "Register SeaView" button.

Contacting Us:

Linda Farrar
Accounts/Billing & Service Activation

Mark Hess
Director of Operations

Once you enter the unlock code, a "SeaView Successfully Unlocked!" message window should appear. If an unlock code is unsuccessful, the registration code provided must be rechecked for accuracy.

Activating SeaView Service Data Access

The next step is to get started with a user account and determine the length of subscription you would like. Your accessible fishing Regions will be linked-to and controlled by your uniquely assigned Username (specific to each computer installation)..

If you are a current SeaView subscriber, you will have the ability to download new data from Ocean Imaging servers.