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Installation Instructions - SeaView v3.5.3 for MAC

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Step 1: Installing SeaView

To download the appropriate installer file for your OS (with a high-speed internet connection only), **click here.**
Then, from your menu bar, click on "Go > Downloads"
Hold the Command button abnd left-click the file "SeaView-installer.pkg". Select the Open option to start the application installer.

Step 2: Continue to follow along with the setup program, accepting the defaults whenever possible.    

Follow the prompts to install SeaView on your hard drive. You may need to enter your computer user name and password to continue.

JAVA v1.5 or higher is required in order to run SeaView.

If you have Java 1.5 or higher installed on your computer:

You are finished. Proceed to the instructions "Set Administrator Permissions."

If you do not know what version of Java you have installed or whether you have Java installed at all, follow the instructions below to check your JAVA version:

Select "Go > Applications" from your menu bar.
Locate the "Utilities" folder & double-click to open it.
In Utilities double-click on "Terminal."
In the Terminal window, at the prompt, type the following:

java –version

Press "Enter" on your keyboard.
Look for the following line: "Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_37)"
The (build 1.6.0_37) indicates that java 1.6 is installed. If your machine has "build 1.5" or higher, SeaView will work correctly.

If you don't have Java or you have a version below 1.5 please install the Java package jre-8u201-macosx-x64.dmg from the Oracle Website. Then follow the on-screen steps to install Java.


Step 3: Set Administrator Permissions **Essential to run SeaView**

Right-Click on SeaView folder in Applications, then select Get Info.
Click lock icon in bottom right to set permissions
Click + icon in bottom left, add administrator + user account, set names read & write privileges
Click settings icon next to + icon
Select apply to enclosed items


Step 4: Unlocking the SeaView Software

Once the installation is finished, only the demo version of SeaView will be active until your SeaView software is "unlocked." SeaView will need to be "unlocked" in order to use the program other than in "demo mode" (i.e. to download data for your specific region). Select "Register SeaView" upon first running SeaView and follow the instructions.

To obtain an unlock code and data access:
You will have to have to either call or email Ocean Imaging with your 16-digit code in order to obtain an unlocking code and an assigned username for data-access.

A "Welcome" window will appear indicating SeaView is operating in "Demo Mode."

Click on the "Register SeaView" button.

Contacting Us:

Linda Farrar
Accounts/Billing & Service Activation

Mark Hess
Director of Operations

Once you enter the unlock code, a "SeaView Successfully Unlocked!" message window should appear. If an unlock code is not successful, the registration code provided must be rechecked for accuracy.


Step 5: Activating Your Account for Data Access

The next step is to get started with a user account and determine the length of subscription you would like. Your accessible fishing Regions will be linked-to and controlled by your unique Username.

If you are a current SeaView subscriber, you will have the ability to download new data from Ocean Imaging's servers.