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Team Sea Fever - 1st Place Los Cabos Bisbees 2015
"We are a true believer in SeaView Fishing services. With over 15 major tournaments won, and the highest hook up ratio in Cabo we could not be without SeaView", says Captain Edward Araujo of Sea Fever Sportfishing and Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing. Great job Captain!
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Steve Lassley of Team Bad Company 55 - 1st Place Bisbee's Black & Blue 2006


Pete Groesbeck of Titan Marine on "C-Bandit" - Top Money Winner Bisbee's Black & Blue 2010:
"SeaView's accurate and reliable imagery updated multiple times per day helped us stay on the water that was holding the fish.  We would not have done half as well in the tournament if we didn't have SeaView"
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Colin McCaffery of Team Malta da Kianda - 2nd Place in the Lobito Big Game Tournament 2010:
"Based on hotspots we identified in SeaView, we fished the second day ony, three miles from the shore when all the bigger boats were travelling 60-70 miles out to fish. We hit a huge feeding frenzy of Blue Marlin & Sailfish, which took us straight to 2nd Place in the competition, a position we held to the finish three days later..."
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Colby Durnin, Top Angler on "Joint Venture" - Ensenada Tournament 2010
"Fishing in the 2010 Avalon Tuna Club Ensenada Tournament, we were the ONLY boat to catch fish in the ENTIRE tournament. Being able to pick up water movements in real-time allows us to cover hundreds of miles of water before our trip and during the tournament."
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Warren Gunter & Crew on "xJewel Lure" - Pesky's Tournament 2010:
"Trying extra hard in such a slow year we relied on SeaView data to find a promising spot of water just North of the 43. On top of some reports from the week before, we found the bait and the water conditions we were looking for. We caught two fish that day and had another strike. On the way home the next morning just outside the zone we had another marlin on for a short while. All this action in the worst year in SoCal marlin history! Thanks Ocean Imaging."
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About SeaView SPORT©

Do you want to spend time and gas looking for fish - or do you want to catch them?

Ocean Imaging's long-established SeaView SPORT© satellite imaging service combines time-tested fish-finding technology with the latest satellite oceanographic and weather data advancements for serious and casual recreational anglers alike. Just ask Captain Steve Lassley and Team Bad Company of Bad Company 55. As SeaView SPORT© subscribers for over ten years, Lassley his team know the SeaView© system gets results!

SeaView SPORT© is the most powerful oceanographic data analysis tool on the market – in any price range. Developed for use at-sea or from your home or office, the ready-to-use image data products are available for download and display via the SeaView© software. Monitor weather and oceanographic conditions from your home or office computers before you head out on the boat, or download new data while you’re on the water via a satellite phone Internet connection.

Much more than “a web site,” SeaView’s SPORT© subscription service utilizes the easy-to-learn, but powerful SeaView© software to download and display colorful, accurate, detailed fishing data. Using SeaView©, you can custom-enhance images, zoom-in to locate even the smallest of spots, determine range and bearing to and from your boat's position, overlay multiple data types, mark your images with boat, fish or custom symbols and text and much more!!

Oceanographic and weather data files are always available in near-real time via a broadband, landline, cellular or satellite phone Internet connection. The SeaView SPORT© image analysis software allows you to cross-reference multiple types of image and vector data via SeaView’s contour-line “overlay” capability. Our SST, Sea Surface Height, Current, Sub Surface Temperature, Ocean Plankton and Weather data droducts enable you to find the best spot first! Once downloaded all data files are permanently stored on your computer until you delete them - meaning you do not have to be online to use the service and display the imagery and data.

Our SeaView SPORT© fishing subscription service offers the same unmatched image and data products as our SeaView PRO© commercial service - but delivers only the high-resolution data images and pre-set regional coverage you need making access to and use of the information easier.